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Flex course is the best choice if you are...

Unable to study full time

Study with our support, but on your schedule — whenever you find the time.

Beginner, but motivated

Relevant background isn't a prerequisite here. Stay adamant, and you'll break into tech in no time! You don't need a special background. Stay determined, and you'll break into tech!

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What awaits you?

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Lots of practice

We have a single goal: to get you employed. That's why 80% of the course is devoted to practice.

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Mentor support

Mentors support you in learning new topics, review assignments, point out mistakes and suggest ways to correct them.


Student community

Your peers will go on to work for many international companies. They'll be the foundation of your global industry network.

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English lessons

2-4 lessons per week where you'll practice speaking, acquire tech vocabulary and improve grammar.

Perfect for beginners

Graduation cap
85%of our students have no prior experience in tech




Meet market expectations

Our course program covers everything the employers expect from junior for_fullstack-en_name_plural

While preparing the course, we...

  • Survey the largest IT employers on requirements for junior for_fullstack-en_name_plural
  • Analyze open vacancies, both global and local
  • Gather feedback from market experts

We guarantee you will find a job after the course

If you complete the course, search for a job with us for 16 weeks and receive no offers, you have the right to a full refund!


employed graduates


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How do we help you get a job?

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Job tracker

Our platform comes with an up-to-date database of local and global vacancies. You can use it to submit applications and track your progress.


Mock interviews

Practice makes perfect, so we conduct regular mock interviews to prime you for the real deal. You will leave a great impression.

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Career docs

We help you get your foot in the door: create resumes, cover letters and professional social media profiles that appeal to recruiters.

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Coordinator support

Mate's coordinators help you evaluate job offers and build salary expectations per current market circumstances.

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Partner openings

When employers are looking for junior positions, many reach out to us directly – even before their openings hit the market.

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Employment guarantee

If you complete the course, search for a job with us for 16 weeks and receive no offers, you have the right to a full refund!

Full-stack developer is a fast-growing career with high income

Your progress will skyrocket with our career support!

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Course practitioners

alt_Misha Hrynko

Author of Fullstack Course

Misha Hrynko

I keep the Fullstack programs up-to-date and ensure that what the students learn is relevant. I enjoy training hundreds of programmers each year.

12+ years in Web-development

Led the enterprise product development teams

Helped 1000+ students become programmers



Misha Hrynko

Full-stack coach. Give me five minutes, and I'll explain you anything



Ihor Nahnybida

Full-stack developer and mentor, Mandarin speaker



Paul Timofejev

Full-stack developer and coach

Fullstack Web Development flex course program

Same for full-time and flex courses

We believe everyone has the right to a world-class education, so they can develop their talents and get a dream job no matter the odds.

Roman Apostol

Founder of Mate academy, former software developer at Google

14 modules

129 topics

8 months

JavaScript Basics

Discover the programming language best suited for beginners. We'll kick off with strings, functions, conditionals, loops, arrays and a few more!

Module topics


Main Concepts

Data Types





Conditional Operators


Working with Strings

Array Basics

Extra Tasks

Free after registration

Get a consultation

Javascript Basics Extended

On the basics stage we omitted a fascinating, but demanding concept: objects. We'll introduce you to them now, though not only — JavaScript still has a few aces up its sleeve!

Module topics

Environment Setup

Code Style


Working With Numbers

Loops in Details

Working With Strings

Functions Revisited


Type Conversion

Logical Operators

Object Basics

HTML + CSS Basics

Next up: introduction to HTML and CSS. Find your way around fonts, semantics, responsiveness, selectors and specificity, media queries, links, and forms.

Module topics

HTML Basics

CSS Basics

Box Model Basics

Color and Fonts

Semantic Basics

Block, Inline, and Inline-Block

Responsiveness Basics

CSS Selectors

Pseudo-Elements and Pseudo-Classes

Links and URLs



Advanced Decoration


Overflow, Visibility, and Transparency


Git and Terminal

Terminal is an important tool for any developer, so it's high time for you to exercise basic commands! You'll start using a Git version control system, too.

Module topics

Environment Setup

Command Line Basics

Git Basics

Working With Branches

Changing History

Working With Remote Repo (GitHub)

HTML + CSS Advanced

Back at HTML and CSS already, now to explore flexboxes, BEM, Sass, grids, and events. Once done, you'll code your very own landing page.

Module topics

Environment Setup


Media Queries



Transformations and Animations



Javascript Advanced

Is the first step done? Now we will deepen our knowledge and consolidate the basics in practice. Let's learn to work with GitHub. Mentors will provide their first feedback on the code you've written. Let's learn how to make interfaces not only beautiful but also functional! Let's make the first request to the server and much, much more!

Module topics

Solving Tasks on GitHub

Object Advanced


Array Methods


Array Iteration Methods

Array Iteration Methods Practice


JS Practice




DOM Basics

DOM Styling




TypeScript Basics

In professional terms: TypeScript is a JavaScript superset. In human terms: it's JavaScript modified for more versatility and comfort. We'll go through, i.a., object types and classes.

Module topics


Basic Types

Advanced Types

Object Types



Master key technologies


...and many more currently in demand.

Student reviews

A couple of weeks ago, I graduated from the UI / UX Design rate in Mate, and today I already work in a cool company! In me, I felt part of one big and friendly team, where mentors would not just try the nose in mistakes, but supported in any question, inspire. Going to the course of a full day, be prepared to fit forces, because it will not work out, in the morning and until 5 pm, you will be fully absorbed in the world Design.
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For those who are lazy to read long reviews - I'm delighted, found a job after 3 months from the beginning of learning without technical education.
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I want to highlight basic. If you are truly aimed to be an IT scene, you have potential and base, but lacking strength / time / motivation on self-education then "Mate academy" will be able to help you with the achievement of these purposes. There will be many eye classes, home, workouts, English, even events and internal community with already working experienced people and beginners with the same desire to pass it all.
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Learning in the Mate is a very cool thing. I studied in online format, which is very convenient from the point of saving time, training took place on real projects, experienced mentors, and what could be better than learn from professionals, permanent Fidbeks about DZ and generally help mentor, an unreal support team that helps in Further with the process of employment.
Continue reading
Java went to the course - very satisfied. I found the job in 3 months. The team is pleasant, teach well. It is very pleased that it is possible to visit any other courses during the following 3 years.
Continue reading
Where to begin? Perhaps, with the fact that the course is not yet completed, and I have already found a job in a cool company, and it was not the only offer (spoiler: there were 6). Yes, I plowed like damned, but never regretted about the weekend spent, because the result exceeded all my expectations!
Continue reading
I graduated from the design course in Mate, Ofer received a week after the course. I will gladly share with those who are interested in mate and reflects to learn or not. Mait is something new in the field of knowledge. This is Win-Win Agreement. This is a team of inspirers. These are the top mentors and coach (Yaroslav, hello, you are the best)
Continue reading
I want to tell you that these are the best ever courses! Only finished the course UI / UX and immediately received offer from one of the best food companies in Ukraine! But this is all thanks to Mate! Such a huge luggage knowledge in the specialty you will not find anywhere.
Continue reading
About "Mate academy" learned quite by accident. There was no familiar person who was studying here, and the feedback on the network at that time was not actually not. However, after the first communication there was a positive impression, which in the future was only intensified. Job Offer has received before graduation. Thank you for helping professionally to grow and change life to the best side :)
Continue reading
Courses are very cool. The company's team and mentors are really cool. My friend recommended Mate to me when I was looking for programming courses. And yet before the completion of the fullstack course I had a job. I would recommend it to everyone.
Continue reading
Mate will teach you not only how to write websites, but also how to understand how technology works under the "hood", how to solve problems that arise) I am so glad I chose Mate and my dream came true. Thank you Mate, you are awesome!)
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Svitla Systems
Global Logic
Nix Solutions

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Got questions?

How long does the course take?

It's up to you: there are no fixed deadlines, nor limits on how many hours a day you can study. See course program for more details.

What's the difference between full-time and flex courses?

Both tracks have identical programs and aim: to get you a job. The only two differences lie in schedule and payment form. Full-time courses are free until you get a job in tech. Henceforth, you pay a percentage of your salary, per agreement. The schedule is from 9 am till 6 pm Monday through Friday. Flex courses, on the other hand, offer a fixed price and an instant access to all resources. You study at your own pace with the support of our experts, under the same employment guarantee.

Will I receive a certificate after completing a course?

By all means! Our 3,000+ graduates use them on LinkedIn and other socials, but... it's just a bonus. We are rather focused on getting you a job in tech.

What's the course schedule?

Flex tracks allow you to study whenever you like to: watch pre-recorded lectures, solve interactive tasks, and submit questions to our mentors. They respond during work hours. The only regular events are group Q&A sessions, taking place 2 to 6 times a week. We hold them in the afternoons or evenings, not to collide with your plans.

Can I apply if I don't have a background in tech?

8/10 Mate students don't have any experience in tech. But if this doesn't reassure you: our courses cover even the most basic topics, and our team is always ready to provide support!

I haven't turned 18 yet. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply at any age. The employment guarantee works if by the end of the course you are of legal working age in your country.

I'm over 50 years old. Should I apply?

We educate people of all ages, besides: it doesn't matter in tech. And if you worry studying might be too much of a challenge... there's no substance to it! If you stay engaged, you'll graduate the course and find a job in no time :)

What kind of job will I be able to get after graduating from the Fullstack Web Development course?

Our graduates usually land their first jobs in the following positions: Frontend Developer, Junior Frontend Developer, React Developer, Vue Developer, React Native Developer, Frontend Developer (Angular), Frontend Developer (HTML, CSS, JS). They are able to progress into Fullstack Developer, Strong Junior Fullstack Developer, Node.js Developer, Fullstack with React Developer, Fullstack Developer (Vue), and Fullstack Developer (Angular) positions within a year of their first commercial experience.

Do you guarantee employment?

Yes! In case you complete all the required learning modules and do not receive a job offer within 16 weeks of active job search (with our assistance and advice), you are eligible for a full refund.

How many graduates get employed?

80% of full-time Mate graduates go on to work in the tech industry. As for flex graduates: everyone who wanted to find a job, succeeded.

Where will I be able to find a job?

We teach and employ worldwide. At the moment we have students, graduates, and colleagues in Europe, Asia, Africa, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

How do you help graduates land a job?

Our HR specialists assist you in the process. They help you prepare CVs, cover letters and profiles on professional social networks, find relevant vacancies and prepare for interviews.

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