Our mission is to help 1M people worldwide build their careers in tech. This takes a dedicated team.

About Mate academy

Mate's coaches and mentors help students develop relevant tech skills, while coordinators and HR specialists focus on the soft skills. We are set on seeing our alumni build their dream careers in IT, and support them throughout.


alt_Anna Apostol

Anna Apostol

COO, Co-founder, Mother of Mates

alt_Roman Apostol

Roman Apostol

CEO, Co-founder, ex-Googler

alt_Max Lysak

Max Lysak

CGO, Co-founder, Seasoned Entrepreneur


alt_Elizaveta Vorobiova

Elizaveta Vorobiova

Recruiter and coach, always liked to teach people

alt_Ihor Karpyn

Ihor Karpyn

Full-stack developer and coach

alt_Alexandra  Protyanova

Alexandra Protyanova

Full-stack developer and coach

alt_Misha Hrynko

Misha Hrynko

Full-stack coach. Give me five minutes, and I'll explain you anything

alt_Danylo Tiutiushkin

Danylo Tiutiushkin

Python developer, machine-learning enthusiast

alt_Yaroslav Kostenko

Yaroslav Kostenko

QA Coach, Brave new world

alt_Anna Tkachenko

Anna Tkachenko

Full-stack developer and coach, capable of programming a plain flight

alt_Volodymyr Pavlenko

Volodymyr Pavlenko

Full-stack developer and coach, ferociuos cyclist

alt_Eugene Ochkalenko

Eugene Ochkalenko

UI/UX designer and curriculum owner, pixel ninja

alt_Paul Timofejev

Paul Timofejev

Full-stack developer and coach

alt_Ivan Ramyk

Ivan Ramyk

Python developer and coach, rock'n'code!

alt_Bohdan Chupika

Bohdan Chupika

Java developer, coach and king from Troeschina

alt_Evgeniy Kulik

Evgeniy Kulik

DevOps coach., Adept at DevOps approaches and cross-functional teams

alt_Bohdan Mateyko

Bohdan Mateyko

DevOps coach, I love my job and want to share my knowledge so that others can find themselves in IT


alt_Serhii  Dziuba

Serhii Dziuba

QA Engineer & Mentor, The most important formula for success is knowing how to communicate with people

alt_Artur  Ermolenko

Artur Ermolenko

Front-end developer and mentor, good vibes only

alt_Lillia  Ponomarenko

Lillia Ponomarenko

Java developer and mentor

alt_Mykola  Koval

Mykola Koval

Full-stack developer and mentor, the adventurous type

alt_Nazar  Muliar

Nazar Muliar

Full-stack developer and mentor, former Mate's salesman

alt_Oleksandra Pasenchenko

Oleksandra Pasenchenko

QA Mentor, I like power metal and folk metal

alt_Oleksii  Blezniuk

Oleksii Blezniuk

Full-stack developer and mentor, loves movies, especially old ones

alt_Ihor  Nahnybida

Ihor Nahnybida

Full-stack developer and mentor, Mandarin speaker

alt_Vlad  Kobzar

Vlad Kobzar

QA Mentor, My dream is to climb Mount Everest

alt_Alina Matuschak

Alina Matuschak

Full-stack developer and mentor, stand-up comedy lover


alt_Marichka  Sheiko

Marichka Sheiko

Student coordinator, I love books and communicating with people

alt_Alla Vyshnia

Alla Vyshnia

Student coordinator | Python, Java, DevOps, there is only one rule for being a good talker – learn to listen

alt_Mariia  Shliakhova

Mariia Shliakhova

Student coordinator, globetrotter and fancy cake lover

alt_Kate Karaush

Kate Karaush

Student coordinator, believes that communication is a key

alt_Halyna  Stefura

Halyna Stefura

Student coordinator, extroverted introvert

alt_Alona Nazarova

Alona Nazarova

Student coordinator, Fond of yoga, photography, history and psychology

alt_Anastasiia  Shuta

Anastasiia Shuta

Student coordinator, Mountain lover, cinema addicted, fan of cats

alt_Nadiia Martynets

Nadiia Martynets

Student coordinator with background in tech, HR specialist at heart

Career support

alt_Alyona  Labuk

Alyona Labuk

Career Support, I know exactly how to change my life for the better


alt_Vladyslav Lukashchuk

Vladyslav Lukashchuk

Students Interviewer, Ex-geologist

alt_Solomia  Yaremenko

Solomia Yaremenko

Student’s interviewer, Mountains' and mint tea's lover :)

English teachers

alt_Olha Shankar

Olha Shankar

Head of English, English Teacher

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