Really cool stuff needs to be done with cool people. We love what we do and therefore we do our best in our work.

About Mate academy

The Mate academy team consists of specialists who are able to develop both technical skills and personal qualities. Our coaches work in IT and have not only good theoretical but also practical knowledge. They know what is relevant in the market now, and there really is something to share. Well, and, of course, our HR friends will help you get the job of your dreams.


alt_Roman Apostol

Roman Apostol

CEO, Co-founder, ex-Googler

alt_Anna Apostol

Anna Apostol

COO, Co-founder, Mother of Mates

alt_Max Lysak

Max Lysak

CGO, Co-founder, Seasoned Entrepreneur


alt_Sasha Yatsykovych

Sasha Yatsykovych

Fullstack developer / Coach, Candidate for Master of Sports with bench press

alt_Misha Hrynko

Misha Hrynko

Fullstack Coach, Give me 5 minutes and I'll explain you anything

alt_Eugene Ochkalenko

Eugene Ochkalenko

Product designer / Coach, Pixel ninja

alt_Anna Tkachenko

Anna Tkachenko

Fullstack developer / Coach, I've programmed the flight of the plane

alt_Elizaveta Vorobiova

Elizaveta Vorobiova

Recruitment Coach, I’ve always liked to teach people and now it’s my profession

alt_Paul Timofejev

Paul Timofejev

Fullstack developer / Coach

alt_Danylo Tiutiushkin

Danylo Tiutiushkin

Python Coach, Machine-Learned even shoeboxes

alt_Yaroslav Kostenko

Yaroslav Kostenko

QA Coach, Brave new world

alt_Volodymyr Pavlenko

Volodymyr Pavlenko

Fullstack developer / Coach , I cycled 97 km in one day

alt_Ihor Karpyn

Ihor Karpyn

Fullstack developer / Coach, I can't live without extremes

alt_Yurii Holiuk

Yurii Holiuk

Fullstack developer / Coach, One of the best Ma graduate so far

alt_Bohdan Chupika

Bohdan Chupika

Java developer / Coach, Java king from Troeshchina

alt_Denys Cheporniuk

Denys Cheporniuk

Fullstack developer / Coach, Ex-geologist

alt_Sofia Diakonova

Sofia Diakonova

Java developer / Coach, Makes ppl fall in love with java


alt_Bohdan  Maksymiuk

Bohdan Maksymiuk

Fullstack developer / Mentor, Passionate about coding and well acquainted with human physiology

alt_Vladyslav Kravtsov

Vladyslav Kravtsov

UI/UX Designer / Mentor

alt_Illia  Vovchenko

Illia Vovchenko

Fullstack developer / Mentor, Life is like a box of chocolates, and I only pick the sweetest ones

alt_Vladyslav  Boholii

Vladyslav Boholii

Java Developer & Mentor, People that know their "why" go much further than those ones who don't

alt_Alex  Zhidkov

Alex Zhidkov

Python Developer / Mentor, ex Student Dean

alt_Polina  Tytarenko

Polina Tytarenko

Python Developer/Mentor, Help people, challenge yourself, read books, enjoy every moment

alt_Nataliia  Zakharchuk

Nataliia Zakharchuk

Python Developer/Mentor, Can't imagine my life without Python, cats and tea

alt_Artur  Ermolenko

Artur Ermolenko

FE Mentor , Good vibes only ;)

alt_Lillia  Ponomarenko

Lillia Ponomarenko

Java developer/Mentor, This is the way

alt_Alexandra  Protyanova

Alexandra Protyanova

Full stack developer / Part-time mentor

alt_Serhii  Dziuba

Serhii Dziuba

QA Engineer & Mentor, The most important formula for success is knowing how to communicate with people

alt_Mykyta Arkhanhelskyi

Mykyta Arkhanhelskyi

Java developer / Mentor

alt_Ihor  Nahnybida

Ihor Nahnybida

Fullstack developer / Mentor, I speak Chinese

alt_Nadiia Adamovych

Nadiia Adamovych

UI/UX Designer / Mentor, Worked in 13 countries

alt_Alina Matuschak

Alina Matuschak

Fullstack developer / Mentor, I love stand-up comedy

alt_Vlad  Kobzar

Vlad Kobzar

QA Mentor, My dream is to climb Mount Everest

alt_Konstantin  Nikiforov

Konstantin Nikiforov

Java Developer & Mentor, You don't, no one does

alt_Valerii  Derkach

Valerii Derkach

Fullstack developer & mentor, Everything changes, nothing is permanent

alt_Mykola  Koval

Mykola Koval

Fullstack developer & Mentor, Let's go, in-and-out, 20 minutes adventure

alt_Murat  Yesimbietov

Murat Yesimbietov

QA Mentor

alt_Nazar  Muliar

Nazar Muliar

Fullstack developer / Mentor, MA-salesperson in the past, raising toast for localhost in the present

alt_Ivan Ramyk

Ivan Ramyk

Python Mentor, Let's rock'n'code with Python!

alt_Oleksandra Pasenchenko

Oleksandra Pasenchenko

QA Mentor, I like power metal and folk metal

alt_Oleksii  Blezniuk

Oleksii Blezniuk

Fullstack developer / Mentor, Love movies, especially old ones

alt_Artem Topolskyi

Artem Topolskyi

Fullstack developer / Mentor, Procrastination is the thief of time 👈


alt_Kate Karaush

Kate Karaush

Student's Coordinator | Python & UI/UX, Communication is a key

alt_Mariia  Shliakhova

Mariia Shliakhova

Coordinator, In love with travelling and fancy cakes

alt_Alla Vyshnia

Alla Vyshnia

Student’s Coordinator | Python & UI/UX, There is only one rule for being a good talker – learn to listen

alt_Anastasiia Smetana

Anastasiia Smetana

Students Coordinator | Frontend

alt_Marichka  Sheiko

Marichka Sheiko

Students Coordinator, I love books and communicating with people

alt_Halyna  Stefura

Halyna Stefura

Frontend Student Coordinator (UA & International), Extroverted introvert

alt_Alona Nazarova

Alona Nazarova

Student’s Coordinator, Fond of yoga, photography, history and psychology. Love punctual candidates

alt_Nadiia Martynets

Nadiia Martynets

Students Coordinator, IT background & HR heart

Career support

alt_Alyona  Labuk

Alyona Labuk

Career Support, I know exactly how to change my life for the better

Sales team

alt_Daria Tkachenko

Daria Tkachenko

Sales Manager, Knowledge lover, life admirer

alt_Liubov  Revutska

Liubov Revutska

Sales manager, Cat, books and photography lover

alt_Maksym  Kryvytskiy

Maksym Kryvytskiy

Sales manager, I love the extreme way of life in any form

alt_Anna  Shokur

Anna Shokur

Sales Manager, I'm a cuddly person and love walking barefoot

alt_Mykhailo Demianchuk

Mykhailo Demianchuk

Sales Manager, Humor and sales - that is my language

alt_Vitalii Kurtsev

Vitalii Kurtsev

Sales Manager, who knows C++

alt_Evgeniia  Bondarenko

Evgeniia Bondarenko

Sales Manager, My hobbies are sports: jogging and functional training, i love tattoos, psychology and sales - drive

alt_Natasha  Yedieeva

Natasha Yedieeva

Sales Manager

alt_Oksana Honcharuk

Oksana Honcharuk

Sales Manager, Visited 20+ countries and counting...


alt_Anastasiia  Shuta

Anastasiia Shuta

Students Interviewer, Mountain lover, cinema addicted, fan of cats

alt_Vladyslav Lukashchuk

Vladyslav Lukashchuk

Students Interviewer, Ex-geologist

alt_Solomia  Yaremenko

Solomia Yaremenko

Student’s interviewer, Mountains' and mint tea's lover :)

English teachers

alt_Olha Shankar

Olha Shankar

Head of English, English Teacher


alt_Viktoria Gakh

Viktoria Gakh

Financial Manager, Do not give up. The beginning is always the hardest

alt_Olha Borovykova

Olha Borovykova

PR & Communication, Long live PR!

alt_Helen Nasonova

Helen Nasonova

Customer Support, Be curious

alt_Oleksandr  Bartosiuk

Oleksandr Bartosiuk

Product Manager, Consistency is Everything


alt_Inna  Ianko

Inna Ianko

QA Lead, Create harmony in the world and in the code

alt_Vadim Ilchenko

Vadim Ilchenko

Lead Software Engineer, Wrote music on Pascal at school

alt_Volodymyr Kryvytskyi

Volodymyr Kryvytskyi

Fullstack developer, Bachelor's degree of memeology

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