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JavaScript developer
Learn JavaScript with all its complexities and start developing user-facing features.
Front-end developer
Code the visual layer of sites and web apps and adapt them to various devices.
Full-stack developer
Code the visuals as well as back-end data storage, processing, and security.

Master a specific skill

HTML + CSS Basics
Find your way around fonts, semantics, responsiveness, selectors and specificity, media queries, links, and forms.
JavaScript Basics
Discover the programming language best suited for beginners. We'll kick off with strings, functions, conditionals, loops, arrays and a few more!
Git and Terminal
Terminal is an important tool for any developer, so it's high time for you to exercise basic commands! You'll start using a Git version control system, too.
One of the most popular library in the front-end realm, React. We'll learn how to combine it with TypeScript, too!
TypeScript Basics
In human terms: it's JavaScript modified for more versatility and comfort. We'll go through, i.a., object types and classes.
JavaScript Extended
We'll introduce you to a fascinating, but demanding concept: objects, though not only — JavaScript still has a few aces up its sleeve!
...and many more currently in demand

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of our students have no prior experience in tech
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What do students say of us?

Completed the course at Mate academy a few months ago, already received my first job offer. Grateful for the knowledge and building confidence in my abilities. As a bonus, there's a community of your peers, with connections that can be useful in the future. Highly recommend to everyone!

Jerome Bell

Software developer
I was lucky enough to join the Mate academy. In addition to hard skills, you will have a strong network of great folks, excellent support, many interesting courses.

Bessie Cooper

JavaScript developer
Mate academy has given me real experience, which helped me to find real job.

Kristin Watson

Software developer
Mate academy is an amazing place with a family-like atmosphere, where you can learn programming in an extremely short period of time without sacrificing the quality of the knowledge you get, being fully loaded with absolutely interesting and useful tasks and information.

Esther Howard

Front-end developer
These are the best courses I've ever heard of. They gave me my dream job in IT. Mate academy is forever in my heart ❤️

Cameron Williamson

Software developer
Mate academy courses helped me to improve my programming skills and give me an opportunity for growth in the IT area.

Wade Warren

Software developer
The most organised and valuable course I’ve ever participated in. Great team of mentors and learning material that gave me all the practical knowledge needed to start a career in web development.

Savannah Nguyen

Software developer
Hello everybody! I have been working as a FE Developer for a week now, all this happened to me thanks to Mate academy. Just 4 months ago I just read what JS is, what HTML is, I was fascinated by it, I liked it and I decided to act in this direction.

Theresa Webb

Software developer
The best courses for learning programming! They helped me to get first job as frontend developer!

Ralph Edwards

Front-end developer
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Frequently asked questions

Are your courses beginner-friendly?
9 out of 10 Mate students don't have any experience in tech. But if this doesn't reassure you, our courses cover even the most basic topics, and your peers are there to help, too!
Can I change my plan later on?
You can both upgrade and downgrade your subscription plan anytime, no questions asked.
What are the payment and billing options?
You can pay by card, Google and Apple Pay, either monthly, quarterly or half-yearly, depending on the subscription plan you choose.
Will I be supported in any way?
We’ve got your back. If you get stuck with coding, our AI Buddy will help you out. You can also chat with other students in the community chat, and our support is just a message away.
Will I get a certificate?
Certificates are given to students who finish the course and their portfolio projects. We aim at giving knowledge more than a mere paper :)