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Full-stack developers code both the front-end and the back-end of websites and web applications. Hence, they're not only responsible for visuals, but also: for servers that store, process and secure user data.


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JavaScript Basics

Discover the programming language best suited for beginners. We'll kick off with strings, functions, conditionals, loops, arrays and a few more!
4.9 – 8,293 reviews

What you will learn in this module:

Your First JavaScript Program
Main Concepts
Conditional Operators
String Iteration
Strings Methods
Working With Arrays

HTML + CSS Basics

Next up: introduction to HTML and CSS. Find your way around fonts, semantics, responsiveness, selectors and specificity, media queries, links, and forms.
4.9 – 7,587 reviews

Git and Terminal

Terminal is an important tool for any developer, so it's high time for you to exercise basic commands! You'll start using a Git version control system, too.
4.8 – 5,972 reviews

JavaScript Basics Extended

On the basics stage we omitted a fascinating, but demanding concept: objects. We'll introduce you to them now, though not only — JavaScript still has a few aces up its sleeve!
4.9 – 8,052 reviews

HTML + CSS Advanced

Back at HTML and CSS already, now to explore flexboxes, BEM, Sass, grids, and events. Once done, you'll code your very own landing page.
4.9 – 7,448 reviews

JavaScript Advanced

Having mastered the fundamentals, we're free to take on the advanced issues. So, brace yourself for methods, closures, prototypes, constructors, classes, and... something extra.
4.8 – 5,378 reviews


Chooo chooo, next station: component-based development, and one of the most popular library in the front-end realm, React. We'll learn how to combine it with TypeScript, too!
4.7 – 6,837 reviews

TypeScript Basics

In professional terms: TypeScript is a JavaScript superset. In human terms: it's JavaScript modified for more versatility and comfort. We'll go through, i.a., object types and classes.
4.8 – 5,926 reviews

React with TypeScript

Get acquainted with the magic of TypeScript in React.
4.7 – 5,265 reviews


If JavaScript with React and TypeScript already feel like a small Lego set, good news! There's a fourth brick to play with, a library, Redux, helpful in app state management. Let's take a look.
4.8 – 5,182 reviews

How the Web Works

We interact with the Internet day by day, and yet, few know how it all works. If you don't, either — we've got your back. We'll explore the OSI model, HTTP, encryption, APIs and security issues.
4.8 – 5,752 reviews

SQL Basics

Semantically speaking, SQL closely resembles English, so you are in for a swift acquisition. We'll learn to use it with databases, to group, filter, sort and source data at wish.
4.9 – 8,862 reviews


It's back-end time! Let's get acquainted with APIs, user authorization, databases and WebSockets, learn to deploy projects, write tests, use event loops and much, much more.
4.8 – 6,329 reviews

Algorithms and Data Structures

Don't go running just yet, algorithms simply need some taming. Data structures, too: we'll take on arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, hash maps and sets... among other things.
4.8 – 4,597 reviews

Object Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming is a concept fundamental to many programming languages, most notably: Java, Python, JavaScript and C++. So — let's acquire a good understanding thereof.
4.8 – 5,824 reviews


Learning by doing is our favorite technique here at Mate, and this module is no exception. You'll learn the Vue.js framework by using it to build a ToDo App. How cool is that?!
4.8 – 5,837 reviews


Angular is a JS framework used mostly to create scalable, sing-page web apps. We'll learn how to use it, beginning with forms through components, observables, state management, and more.
4.8 – 4,554 reviews

Why join Mate academy?

Connect and code together

Nothing can replace teamwork, and we understand that well. Mate is the first community-based bootcamp, where you can connect with other students and overcome challenges together.

Access all courses under one plan

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a course you might not like. Ugh. At Mate, you can start studying under a free plan and access all courses for just $23.7 a month, which is an absolute steal.

Solve tasks and learn by doing

Our platform comes with a built-in code editor and GitHub integration, because we believe in learning by doing. Tasks make up roughly 80% of each course, with the rest reserved for bulletproof theory.

Find all you need in one place

Self-study is much easier with a go-to place for… everything. Using the Mate platform, you can access all courses, solve tasks, read theory, take quizzes and chat with peers.

Compete with students

If competition floats your boat, we are happy to provide. Study regularly and meet self-imposed deadlines to maintain streaks, earn achievements and climb our leaderboard. Do you have what it takes?
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Power your studies with AI

Ran into a difficult task, but don’t feel like socializing? AI Buddy is there to help! And if you want to rehearse, our AI-powered quizzes will evaluate your answers and offer feedback in real time.

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...and many more currently in demand.

What do students say of us?

Completed the course at Mate academy a few months ago, already received my first job offer. Grateful for the knowledge and building confidence in my abilities. As a bonus, there's a community of your peers, with connections that can be useful in the future. Highly recommend to everyone!

Jerome Bell

Software developer
I was lucky enough to join the Mate academy. In addition to hard skills, you will have a strong network of great folks, excellent support, many interesting courses.

Bessie Cooper

JavaScript developer
Mate academy has given me real experience, which helped me to find real job.

Kristin Watson

Software developer
Mate academy is an amazing place with a family-like atmosphere, where you can learn programming in an extremely short period of time without sacrificing the quality of the knowledge you get, being fully loaded with absolutely interesting and useful tasks and information.

Esther Howard

Front-end developer
These are the best courses I've ever heard of. They gave me my dream job in IT. Mate academy is forever in my heart ❤️

Cameron Williamson

Software developer
Mate academy courses helped me to improve my programming skills and give me an opportunity for growth in the IT area.

Wade Warren

Software developer
The most organised and valuable course I’ve ever participated in. Great team of mentors and learning material that gave me all the practical knowledge needed to start a career in web development.

Savannah Nguyen

Software developer
Hello everybody! I have been working as a FE Developer for a week now, all this happened to me thanks to Mate academy. Just 4 months ago I just read what JS is, what HTML is, I was fascinated by it, I liked it and I decided to act in this direction.

Theresa Webb

Software developer
The best courses for learning programming! They helped me to get first job as frontend developer!

Ralph Edwards

Front-end developer
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Frequently asked questions

What does the free plan cover?
Under the free plan, you can access selected JavaScript topics and use social features in a read-only mode. It’s a chance to explore our platform without making commitments.
Do I have to add my credit card to access the free plan?
No, no and also no. Absolutely not. Just… no. Think of “Oh my God no” from The Office. That’s how much of a “no” the answer is.
Can I change my plan later on?
You can both upgrade and downgrade your subscription plan anytime, no questions asked.
What are the payment and billing options?
You can pay by card, Google and Apple Pay, either weekly or monthly, depending on the subscription plan you choose.
Are your courses suitable for beginners?
85% of Mate students don't have any experience in tech. But if this doesn't reassure you: our courses cover even the most basic topics, and your peers are there to help, too!
What programming languages will I learn?
You’ll learn all that’s expected from a full-stack developer, including a handful of languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL; a few tools, like Git, Terminal and Node.js; as well as libraries and frameworks, namely React, Redux, Vue.js, and Angular. Though, that’s still not all.
How long does the course take to complete?
The course is self-paced, so there are no real deadlines you have to meet. If you were to study consistently though, say 2-3 hours a day, you could wrap up in 7-8 months.
Where will I be able to work after the course?
Our graduates land their first jobs as: front-end, front-end (Angular), front-end (HTML, CSS, JS), Vue, React or React Native developers. Beyond that, they can also work as full-stack, full-stack (Vue), full-stack (Angular), full-stack (React) or Node.js developers.