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Who's a Full-stack Developer?
As a Full-stack Developer, you'll build websites and web apps from start to finish. This means you’ll code the visual layer (layouts, buttons…), as well as the data management happening in the back.
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Learning roadmap

16 modules 130 lessons 300+ tasks
JavaScript Basics
Write your first line of code using variables, strings, numbers, and loops.
HTML + CSS Basics
Find your way around fonts, semantics, responsiveness, media queries, and forms.
Git and Terminal
Exercise basic commands in Terminal and start using a Git version control system.
JavaScript Basics Extended
Learn logical operators, type conversion, revisit functions, and more.
HTML + CSS Advanced
Explore flexboxes, BEM, Sass, grids, and events. Then, code your own landing page.
Landing page project
JavaScript Advanced
Delve into methods, closures, prototypes, constructors, classes, and something extra.
Learn component-based development and popular front-end library React.
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Right here. Mate academy is a one-stop shop that gets you from zero to a JavaScript Developer at your own pace. No more time wasted on looking for resources, because we have everything you need.
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Projects in this course
Landing page | Basic
B&O landing page
Code a simple yet functional landing page from scratch, all by yourself.
puzzle game | Proficient
2048 game
Take it up a notch and build an entertaining classic.
online store | Expert
Consumer electronics store
Wow your future employer with a functional online store.

What do students say of us?

Completed the course at Mate academy a few months ago, already received my first job offer. Grateful for the knowledge and building confidence in my abilities. As a bonus, there's a community of your peers, with connections that can be useful in the future. Highly recommend to everyone!

Jerome Bell

Software developer
I was lucky enough to join the Mate academy. In addition to hard skills, you will have a strong network of great folks, excellent support, many interesting courses.

Bessie Cooper

JavaScript developer
Mate academy has given me real experience, which helped me to find real job.

Kristin Watson

Software developer
Mate academy is an amazing place with a family-like atmosphere, where you can learn programming in an extremely short period of time without sacrificing the quality of the knowledge you get, being fully loaded with absolutely interesting and useful tasks and information.

Esther Howard

Front-end developer
These are the best courses I've ever heard of. They gave me my dream job in IT. Mate academy is forever in my heart ❤️

Cameron Williamson

Software developer
Mate academy courses helped me to improve my programming skills and give me an opportunity for growth in the IT area.

Wade Warren

Software developer
The most organised and valuable course I’ve ever participated in. Great team of mentors and learning material that gave me all the practical knowledge needed to start a career in web development.

Savannah Nguyen

Software developer
Hello everybody! I have been working as a FE Developer for a week now, all this happened to me thanks to Mate academy. Just 4 months ago I just read what JS is, what HTML is, I was fascinated by it, I liked it and I decided to act in this direction.

Theresa Webb

Software developer
The best courses for learning programming! They helped me to get first job as frontend developer!

Ralph Edwards

Front-end developer
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Frequently asked questions

Can I change my plan later on?
You can both upgrade and downgrade your subscription plan anytime, no questions asked.
What are the payment and billing options?
You can pay by card, Google and Apple Pay, either monthly, quarterly or half-yearly, depending on the subscription plan you choose.
Are your courses suitable for beginners?
85% of Mate students don't have any experience in tech. But if this doesn't reassure you: our courses cover even the most basic topics, and your peers are there to help, too!
What programming languages will I learn?
You’ll learn all that’s expected from a full-stack developer, including a handful of languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL; a few tools, like Git, Terminal and Node.js; as well as libraries and frameworks, namely React, Redux, Vue.js, and Angular. Though, that’s still not all.
How long does the course take to complete?
The course is self-paced, so there are no real deadlines you have to meet. If you were to study consistently though, say 2-3 hours a day, you could wrap up in 7-8 months.
Where will I be able to work after the course?
Our graduates land their first jobs as: front-end, front-end (Angular), front-end (HTML, CSS, JS), Vue, React or React Native developers. Beyond that, they can also work as full-stack, full-stack (Vue), full-stack (Angular), full-stack (React) or Node.js developers.
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