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  • 3,500+ employed students

    3,500+ employed students

  • Mentor support

    Mentor support

  • 20% theory, 80% practice

    20% theory, 80% practice

Studying formats

Full time

Free until you get a job in tech

Full time

  • Study from 9 am to 6 pm on workdays

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  • Pass candidate selection to enroll

Free until you get a job in tech


Get a refund if you don’t land a job in tech


  • Study whenever you want to

  • Move fast with mentor support

  • Start learning immediately after payment

Get a refund if you don’t land a job in tech

Our courses

Front-end developer

5+ monthsNewbie-friendly

Front-end developers code the visual layer of sites and web apps, adapt them to various screen sizes, optimize performance and implement animations. They write landing pages and web apps capable of working with existing databases, too!

Full-stack developer

5+ monthsNewbie-friendly

Go beyond front end: create not only visuals for website and web apps, but also backend, i.e., servers responsible for storing, processing and securing user data.

Java developer

4+ monthsNewbie-friendly

Take full advantage of Java’s versatility. Build powerful applications for any platform and use case: from mobile devices to desktops, from banking to the agricultural sector.

QA engineer

4+ monthsNewbie-friendly

Become an IT guardian angel: develop test plans for software, analyze its performance and stability, detect errors and help prevent them.

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Graduate video reviews

Front-end developer
Matylda Lewandowska

Mate academy places equal emphasis on technical knowledge and skills as it does on job search preparation. The course is very intensive and demanding, but this is a huge advantage.

Graduate's LinkedIn
Full-stack developer
Dmitrij Kosow

Studying at Mate academy is very intense, sometimes even exhausting, but it's also incredibly satisfying. It's a great place for anyone who wants to find a job in IT.

Graduate's LinkedIn
Front-end developer
Daniel Sorokowski

Mate academy equipped me with both front-end development skills and the know-how to ace job interviews, including technical ones. The regular tech checks were instrumental in my preparation. Overall, an amazing experience!

Graduate's LinkedIn
Full-stack developer
Laura Wrońska

Mate academy places equal emphasis on technical knowledge and skills as it does on job search preparation. The course is very intensive and demanding, but this is a huge advantage.

Graduate's LinkedIn
Full-stack developer
Mirosław Wandyk

Studying at Mate academy is very intense, sometimes even exhausting, but it's also incredibly satisfying. It's a great place for anyone who wants to find a job in IT.

Graduate's LinkedIn

We guarantee you will find a job after the course

We believe in our product so implicitly that we're ready to invest in your education and get nothing back, if you don't find a job in tech.


employed graduates


Companies hired Mate graduates

How do we help you get a job?

Brief case

Job tracker

Our platform comes with an up-to-date database of local and global vacancies. You can use it to submit applications and track your progress.


Mock interviews

Practice makes perfect, so we conduct regular mock interviews to prime you for the real deal. You will leave a great impression.

Sparkling heart

Career docs

We help you get your foot in the door: create resumes, cover letters and professional social media profiles that appeal to recruiters.

Star struck

Coordinator support

Mate's coordinators help you evaluate job offers and build salary expectations per current market circumstances.

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Partner openings

When employers are looking for junior positions, many reach out to us directly – even before their openings hit the market.

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Employment guarantee

Our HR specialist will help you with your portfolio and resume, prepare you for interviews and more.

Our graduates work at renowned companies

Svitla Systems
Global Logic
Nix Solutions

...and over 700 more!

We believe everyone has the right to a world-class education, so they can develop their talents and get a dream job no matter the odds.

Roman Apostol

Founder of Mate academy, former software developer at Google

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From a "Biedronka" employee to a frontend developer at Fathom — Łukasz Gryziewicz's story about his education at Mate academy.

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The profession of a programmer is a dream for many people, partly because of the high earnings and the freedom of remote work. Roman Apostol, CEO of Mate academy, believes that practically anyone can become an IT specialist.

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Student reviews

Before Mate academy, I had no experience with programming. I learned front-end development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Typescript, React) from scratch during a daily course in Mate. The learning was effective - I just got a job offer in a new profession. I definitely recommend it!
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I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you're disciplined, you'll learn programming at Mate. They have a great approach to teaching — one that prioritizes practice and provides relevant knolwedge only.
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Very good resources on JavaScript and React. English lessons are a huge plus.
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Mate offers student-oriented, high quality education. I learned programming from scratch. Couldn't recommend them more!
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Quality teaching and great mentors, always assisting students with particularly demanding issues. On the course I learned many things from scratch, including React and TypeScript.
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If you're a self-taught unsure what to do next, or you just want to start a career in tech, I highly recommend the front-end course. The program progresses from basic to complex issues, and it's comprehensively covered by a helpful lecturer. Great all around!
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I completed a full-time front-end course a year ago, and I've been working for a foreign company ever since. I highly recommend Mate! A few pros that speak for them: - Great proprietary platform with videos that serve as 'lessons' that prepare students for many interesting practical tasks, reviewed by mentors and classmates. - Structured learning path, without which I'd have no idea what to learn and in what order. - Mock interviews that don't differ much from the real deal. - Assistance of helpful, experienced mentors. - Help with CV writing and job search. - The course is free until you find a job.
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Thanks to Mate Academy, I got my first job in IT. Their video materials, theory, practical tasks, and mentor support perfectly prepare you for the profession. Daily work with Git, code reviews, and tech checks give you the feeling of working in a real environment. I highly recommend it!
I highly recommend it! Thanks to Mate academy, I landed my first job as a Front-end developer. If you are ready for these weeks of learning and hard work, then Mate Academy is for you! The wonderful and professional team will help you with the rest :)
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I highly recommend Mate academy to anyone who wants to start their programming journey but doesn't know where to begin. The multi-month course offered at Mate will guide you through the basics to increasingly advanced and complex projects, which you can later include in your CV.
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Got questions?

What's the difference between full-time and flex courses?

Both tracks have identical programs and aim: to get you a job. The only two differences lie in schedule and payment form. Full-time courses are free until you get a job in tech. Henceforth, you pay a percentage of your salary, per agreement. The schedule is from 9 am till 6 pm Monday through Friday. Flex courses, on the other hand, offer a fixed price and an instant access to all resources. You study at your own pace with the support of our experts, under the same employment guarantee.

Will I receive a certificate after completing a course?

By all means! Our 3,000+ graduates use them on LinkedIn and other socials, but... it's just a bonus. We are rather focused on getting you a job in tech.

Can I apply if I don't have a background in tech?

8/10 Mate students don't have any experience in tech. But if this doesn't reassure you: our courses cover even the most basic topics, and our team is always ready to provide support!

I haven't turned 18 yet. Can I apply?

We teach people on a full-time course aged 18 or older. This age allows you to work officially (with parental consent).

I'm over 50 years old. Should I apply?

We educate people of all ages, besides: it doesn't matter in tech. And if you worry studying might be too much of a challenge... there's no substance to it! If you stay engaged, you'll graduate the course and find a job in no time :)

Do you guarantee employment?

Indeed, employment guarantee covers every Mate academy graduate. For more information, refer to course pages or contact our customer support.

How many graduates get employed?

90% of full-time Mate graduates go on to work in the tech industry. As for flex graduates: everyone who wanted to find a job, succeeded.

How do you help graduates land a job?

Our coordinators help you create a CV, cover letter and professional social media profiles that appeal to recruiters, practice for interviews and find relevant vacancies.

Where will I be able to find a job?

We teach and employ worldwide. Currently, we have students, graduates, and colleagues in Europe, Asia, Africa, the USA, Canada, and Australia.


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