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Become a QA engineer

Test software to spot and prevent errors

Software testers are the IT guardian angels: they develop test plans for software, analyze its performance and stability, detect errors and help avoid them. All to create and maintain quality products.

What awaits you?

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Lots of practice

We have a single goal: to get you employed. That's why 80% of the course is devoted to practice.

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Mentor support

Mentors support you in learning new topics, review assignments, point out mistakes and suggest ways to correct them.


Student community

Your peers will go on to work for many international companies. They'll be the foundation of your global industry network.

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English lessons

2-4 lessons per week where you'll practice speaking, acquire tech vocabulary and improve grammar.

Perfect for beginners

Graduation cap
85%of our students have no prior experience in tech




Meet market expectations

Our course program covers everything the employers expect from junior QA engineers

While preparing the course, we...

  • Survey the largest IT employers on requirements for junior QA engineers
  • Analyze open vacancies, both global and local
  • Gather feedback from market experts

We guarantee you will find a job after the course

Our confidence in our product means we're ready to invest in your education and ask for nothing in return if you don't find a job in tech.


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companies hired Mate graduates

How do we help you get a job?

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Job tracker

Our platform comes with an up-to-date database of local and global vacancies. You can use it to submit applications and track your progress.


Mock interviews

Practice makes perfect, so we conduct regular mock interviews to prime you for the real deal. You will leave a great impression.

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Career docs

We help you get your foot in the door: create resumes, cover letters and professional social media profiles that appeal to recruiters.

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Coordinator support

Mate's coordinators help you evaluate job offers and build salary expectations per current market circumstances.

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Partner openings

When employers are looking for junior positions, many reach out to us directly – even before their openings hit the market.

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Employment guarantee

Our HR specialist will help you with your portfolio and resume, prepare you for interviews and more.

QA engineer is a fast-growing career with high income

Your progress will skyrocket with our career support!

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Discover SQL fundamentals: sorting and grouping data, creating queries, applying functions, storing information and more.


SQL Basics

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Elevate your English

Practice speaking, learn IT-specific vocabulary and improve grammar. Solid English in this industry is a must!

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Try the first module for free

Discover SQL fundamentals: sorting and grouping data, creating queries, applying functions, storing information and more.

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SQL Basics

See how you like it!

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    Video lessons and theory

  • Free course present

    Interactive tasks

  • Free course present

    Online student community

Basic course is available for free

Study for free, pay after landing a job

Full-time graduates start paying for their education only after finding a job in tech. It's 12% of their net salary for 36 months. If you don't find a job, there’s no payment at all.

12% of net salary for 3 years

Pay nothing if you don’t land a job!

Course practitioners

alt_Yaroslav Kostenko

QA course author

Yaroslav Kostenko

I'm fond of transhumanism and help people enter the QA realm. In JavaScript automation we trust.

Helped 150+ students become QA engineers

3+ years of QA experience

Breaks the unbreakable



Serhii Dziuba

QA Engineer & Mentor, The most important formula for success is knowing how to communicate with people



Vlad Kobzar

QA Mentor, My dream is to climb Mount Everest



Oleksandra Pasenchenko

QA Mentor, I like power metal and folk metal



Yaroslav Kostenko

QA Coach, Brave new world



Marichka Sheiko

Student coordinator, I love books and communicating with people



Tetyana Boiko

QA coach, general QA engineer in the mining industry.



Yuriy Shvorob

QA mentor, work, live, sleep, repeat.

QA engineer course program

We believe everyone has the right to a world-class education, so they can develop their talents and get a dream job no matter the odds.

Roman Apostol

Founder of Mate academy, former software developer at Google

19 modules

148 topics

3 months

SQL Basics

Semantically speaking, SQL closely resembles English, so you are in for a swift acquisition. We'll learn to use it with databases, to group, filter, sort and source data at wish.

Module topics

Introduction to SQL

SELECT Statement

WHERE Statement

NULL Value, LIKE, BETWEEN, and IN Statements



Aggregate Functions

GROUP BY Statement

JOIN Statement


HAVING Statement

Free after registration

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Course Fundamentals

We want you to join the other modules of the course more prepared. Familiarizing yourself with the theory and completing the following assignments will not only increase your productivity during the course but also, in the long run, enhance your chances of securing a job in a better company with a higher salary

Module topics

Course Fundamentals

UI elements guide

QA Theory

A thorough introduction to QA, and a giant module. Let's get you acquainted with test plans, types, cases and design, software development and testing lifecycles... among other things 🤐

Module topics

What is QA

Testing Types

What is a Bug Report

Bug Reports in details


Test Cases

Test Design Techniques

Test Checklist

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Testing Life Cycle

Test Plan


TestRail & Jira

Git and Terminal

Terminal is an important tool for any developer, so it's high time for you to exercise basic commands! You'll start using a Git version control system, too.

Module topics

Environment Setup

Command Line Basics

Git Basics

Working With Branches

Working With Remote Repo (GitHub)

Git and Terminal — Practice

Pursuing practice is something worth envying. So, without further ado — let's practice Git and Terminal.

Module topics

Git and Terminal

JavaScript Basics

Discover the programming language best suited for beginners. We'll kick off with strings, functions, conditionals, loops, arrays and a few more!

Module topics


Your First JavaScript Program

Main Concepts





Conditional Operators



String Iteration

Strings Methods

Working With Arrays

Get Ready for the Interview

Free after registration

Start learning for free

HTML + CSS Basics

Next up: introduction to HTML and CSS. Find your way around fonts, semantics, responsiveness, selectors and specificity, media queries, links, and forms.

Module topics

HTML Basics

CSS Basics

Colors and Fonts

Box Model Basics

Semantic Basics

Responsiveness Basics

CSS Selectors

Pseudo-Elements and Pseudo-Classes


Links and URLs


Media Queries



Extra Topics

Master key technologies

Android Studio

...and many more currently in demand.

Course schedule

GMT+2 Time Zone

3 months start to finish






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Student feedback

Yesterday was my first working day at QA ENGINEER positions and I want to express my gratitude to Mate academy. It is thought out here everything so that you would like the response as soon as possible: Mentors all the time in touch and ready, if necessary, phon with each student personally, in order to solve the problem and you did not waste time in vain. Mentors will provide all proven articles, resources and simulators for different levels.
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Very grateful to the Mate academy team that helped find my first job in IT. Courses are very thoughtful and interesting. Unlimited for English lessons. Lessons conducts Native Speaker are always ready to help in solving any questions. The team will prepare for the interview will help fold the resume and basic you will allocate the labor search market not thanks to a bright resume. However, you will allocate a high level of knowledge. If you have a target and you are not afraid to study then you here. That's all.
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I am currently working as a programmer as I dreamed since my childhood, and I helped Mate academy. Bogdan is the best teacher who taught me programming. And our HR, Lesya, taught us how to make a summary correctly to noticed. Now I understand that I was not enough for self-esteem, knowledge and support to me here. Even sometimes I regret why we didn't meet before =)
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For those who are lazy to read long reviews - I'm delighted, found a job after 3 months from the beginning of learning without technical education.
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Mate academy fully match its title: I have become real friends and assistants. I wanted a lot to study and work in it. The dream has become a reality and after passing the course I go to work. Here you are in addition to constant support and quality education to find English courses, including speech speakers, constant meetings and measures for various topics, a very friendly community. If you want to dip into the sphere then you are here.
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I want to highlight basic. If you are truly aimed to be an IT scene, you have potential and base, but lacking strength / time / motivation on self-education then "Mate academy" will be able to help you with the achievement of these purposes. There will be many eye classes, home, workouts, English, even events and internal community with already working experienced people and beginners with the same desire to pass it all.
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At the end of the course, the best students took a job on the courses, and some on the development of the website and this gave them the opportunity to get some commercial experience, which always lacks in employment and I really liked this concept.
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I want to quote the Great Java - Classic: "It's chic, it would even say that!" Mate academy is love forever. Thank you romance and nor for this opportunity. Definitely recommend
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I found work inside 3 months of study, with first interview and first test ^^. The mate's exercise is definitely that you get a ton of material (structured!), Tasks to learn everything in practice, and morning tasks for the development of algorithmic thinking. Who has a question to write to amelin.serhii@gmail.com, a pleasure answer ^^
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Thanks to Mate starting from absolute 0, after three months of study, after a week of finding a job I was invited to the company of my dreams. I did not even dream about receiving a response to my resume from this company and did not believe my ears when I was called back and invited to the interview. Mate is a real chance to change your life if you really want it!
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Learning in the Mate is a very cool thing. I studied in online format, which is very convenient from the point of saving time, training took place on real projects, experienced mentors, and what could be better than learn from professionals, permanent Fidbeks about DZ and generally help mentor, an unreal support team that helps in Further with the process of employment.
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Java went to the course - very satisfied. I found the job in 3 months. The team is pleasant, teach well. It is very pleased that it is possible to visit any other courses during the following 3 years.
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Hello, everyone! Last week I received an offer and today I started my first day at work. And I owe it all to the courses from Mate Academy. I found out about the courses from a friend who successfully completed them as a UX/UI designer, and I took the python course myself. The training is very intense, it was difficult to keep up with everything at times, but the whole process was very interesting and the time, until I received a job offer, flew by. I especially liked how they helped me with the search for vacancies. I recommend.
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Mate academy is the School of Programming. They supported and helped me not only at the initial stage of learning, but also after. The team is interested in the success of their students.
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I went to Mate academy courses, purely for the sake of interest, they advertised friends, I do not regret for a second. Now I work as a programmer and develop in the IT sphere. Courses are oriented to fill your head with knowledge and decompose on the shelves already existing, and diligent teachers will not regret the time for you to explain the difficult moments. It is impossible not to say a word about the caring HR team that supports you 24/7. A pleasant bonus is that you even after the end of the intensive can improve English with carriers, visit events and just spend time in a pleasant company.
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From employees to students, these are people who adore what they do and try to improve something every day, not only in themselves but also in their approach to work, work, and communication. This energizes and makes you strive and not to give up even in the most challenging situations, because man is a social creature, and not for nothing there is an expression "You will get what you need".
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Where to begin? Perhaps, with the fact that the course is not yet completed, and I have already found a job in a cool company, and it was not the only offer (spoiler: there were 6). Yes, I plowed like damned, but never regretted about the weekend spent, because the result exceeded all my expectations!
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I graduated from the design course in Mate, Ofer received a week after the course. I will gladly share with those who are interested in mate and reflects to learn or not. Mait is something new in the field of knowledge. This is Win-Win Agreement. This is a team of inspirers. These are the top mentors and coach (Yaroslav, hello, you are the best)
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Learning in Mate academy is: a small group and experienced teachers, constant motivation to study, assistance in creating a qualitative resume, test interviews, support in job search, friendly atmosphere; Training in Mate academy is just a great option for those who want to associate their life with it. I found a job a month after the end of Java, but all this time I felt supported by Mate academy team.
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Thank you so much I want to say to my teacher Mishe Grinko, a very competent teacher explains simply and understandable, always gives examples of their lives for associations. If someone did not understand something, maybe at any time a lecture ask a question, he will repeat everything and will be delayed without problems. Also, thanks to Mentors Vlad, Vlaša, Denis and Ira, very skil and pleasant guys, thanks to them, I could quickly and qualitatively perform tasks, and not sit at half a day on how the bug is not knowing how to solve it.
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I want to tell you that these are the best ever courses! Only finished the course UI / UX and immediately received offer from one of the best food companies in Ukraine! But this is all thanks to Mate! Such a huge luggage knowledge in the specialty you will not find anywhere.
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What can I say about the course? These were the best 3 months of study in my life. (And I have already graduated from college and higher education). Thanks to BOHDAN for everything I know now, Sofia, Dmytro, Roman, Ksenia for understanding our questions (sometimes really stupid :-)) and for those weekly tests of knowledge and explanation. Thank you Roman, Anna, Max for this idea and the opportunity. Thanks to my classmates for the friendly atmosphere, for weekly conversion and preparations for technical and exams, for excellent weekends in Kiev.
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In just a few months, I was able to master most of the skills I needed to find a job. Due to the constant knowledge checks (they were held every week, even when the training was over and we started looking for a job), the material was very well memorized and retained in my head.
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About "Mate academy" learned quite by accident. There was no familiar person who was studying here, and the feedback on the network at that time was not actually not. However, after the first communication there was a positive impression, which in the future was only intensified. Job Offer has received before graduation. Thank you for helping professionally to grow and change life to the best side :)
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Never wrote reviews but mate academy are very cool and so make an exception) I finished the courses from Ma by Java direction and is very pleased with what was able to get here. Here I received qualitative, and most importantly, structured knowledge of Java. Thanks to this knowledge, I got a job in a couple of days after the start of the search.
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There is a goal - you will help you implement it. A good team that Sapportite conducts Tech Talks is constantly developing, introduces new courses, daily English and just a good atmosphere will all be, only there are two main conditions - want to become a professional and make efforts.
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Courses are very cool. The company's team and mentors are really cool. My friend recommended Mate to me when I was looking for programming courses. And yet before the completion of the fullstack course I had a job. I would recommend it to everyone.
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A couple of weeks ago, I graduated from the UI / UX Design rate in Mate, and today I already work in a cool company! In me, I felt part of one big and friendly team, where mentors would not just try the nose in mistakes, but supported in any question, inspire. Going to the course of a full day, be prepared to fit forces, because it will not work out, in the morning and until 5 pm, you will be fully absorbed in the world Design.
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It is very cool that there is such a school where you can easily learn a new profession from scratch. At first, I didn't even believe that I would get in, but my worries were in vain. I got into Mate academy and less than six months later I was invited to an internship at an IT company. The cool team, the opportunity to ask any question, and the support at all stages of my studies inspired me greatly. I'm sure I would have given up a long time ago, especially when looking for my first job.
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I studied to be a recruiter in a flex format. I received my offer during the preparation stage for employment. Mate sent my resume to an IT company that I really liked, so after successful interviews, I immediately agreed to accept the offer. By the way, this confirms that Mate provides a guarantee of employment, but it is still necessary to rely on your knowledge and confident English language skills. Overall, I am very pleased that Mate came into my life, and I already have a very good foundation that will be useful to me in my work.
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I was impressed by the structured nature of the tasks and their presentation. Each task comes with a guide explaining how to complete it correctly and qualitatively. Another advantage for those combining learning with other activities is the flexibility of pace. In particular, I studied the Recruitment course in a flexible format. The course is designed for 3 months, but I mastered it faster, in 2 months, following a pace that was comfortable for me. Undoubtedly, mentor support is the most valuable thing one can experience. They will always give advice, motivate, support, and share their own experience.
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I received an offer from a really cool company just two weeks into my job search, so I want to share my impressions of studying with Mate in the Recruitment flex. The course content is wow! Truly, super useful information presented in a maximally clear and accessible way. Short videos + additional materials + assignments. There are a lot of assignments, and you will spend most of your time on them. When they said that 80% is practical, it's true:) I created job postings, conducted interviews, and did all sorts of things. Some parts were harder, some easier, but overall, with this knowledge, you can really start your journey in a new field.
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I sincerely want to recommend Mate academy to everyone who dreams of mastering a new profession in the IT field. I studied in the recruitment course, and I never regretted my choice. I am confident that the atmosphere of support and motivation during the training influenced this. Thanks to the entire team, I was able to get a job in a very cool company just 2 weeks after completing the course. So, based on this, conclusions can already be drawn about the quality of education:) In addition, the educational platform was constantly improved with new features. The Mate team did everything possible to enhance our learning experience while listening to the students.
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If you want to make a change in your life, these IT courses are the way to go. I learned JavaScript from scratch, and thanks to mentor support, I found my first job in tech. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum, involved staff, hands-on projects, a helpful community, and an up-to-date content.
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I completed a Java course at Mate Academy. It was a really intense program, but I only have positive memories. Thanks to helpful mentors, I was able to get through even the more difficult chapters quickly and without major problems. I found a job before finishing the whole course. ;)
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I can't say that it was easy, everything was new and incomprehensible, there were a lot of basic questions, there were breaks, self-doubts. But two factors always helped me: the course is incredibly well thought out, and the Mate team was always ready to answer all questions, support, and coach me in programming, interviews, and job search. And so, after two months of concentrated job search, my dream of becoming a developer in a cool company came true!
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I myself am a picky person, I have been choosing among different courses for a very long time. Having stopped at Mate, I also did not immediately run to sign up for a course, because somehow it was too good to be true. After learning a little more, I decided to try and I have never regretted it, so I advise everyone who has time, motivation and ambition to become a student of Mate.
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When I encountered problems with self-study, I turned to this company for help. In addition to the fact that the material was laid out and explained in every possible way, there is a very pleasant atmosphere, which is very pleasant to work in. Great team, good mentors, local memes, lots of humor! It all made my learning process incredibly enjoyable! I'm glad I got to know this company and the team that trained my group! On top of that, I ran into good people who were filled with motivation to move forward to new goals along with me. This is very cool!
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It is really high quality, you get a solid foundation for your future career, but, in my opinion, it is equally important that you learn to learn quickly and solve problems on your own, if you can't solve the problem, mentors will come to the rescue, there are 2 qna every day. If you want a new profession and are ready to make every effort for it, you are in the right place! I wish success to future students!
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Studying at Mate academy is not easy, it's as if you are on a real job. And I really liked this approach and their careful selection of students for the course. It feels very close to a real job, where you are fully engaged and not distracted by anything else. Very cool preparation for employment. After this preparation, you feel much more confident, and regular interviews are no longer stressful.
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Mate academy interested me with its structure and schedule. You get constantly bogged down, everything is intense, every morning I had to wake up and study. That's what I liked. That's what I was looking for. Everything was very fun and structured. I think that the big advantage of Mate is the structured and logical nature of all processes.
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Students are studied in order to be employed, and only then Mate academy receives dividends from the invested time and effort. That is, it is a course that gives real knowledge, skills and profession, and ends with real employment. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that Mate academy is one of the best options on the market.
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The course lasted four months, but after three I got a job. I believe that without the academy I would not have done it so quickly. They are interested in you finding a job. IT companies cooperate with it, make requests to the academy, and ask to recommend students for interviews.
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I think this is the first review of the Recruitment direction from Mate because I am a graduate of the debut course🙂 It was great! It will not be news if I write that there is a cool atmosphere. These are people who always smile at you and are happy to answer stupid questions that are repeated more than once. This is structured information and a lot of practical training - you can talk a lot about the rules of the interview, but they are worthless if you do not try, at least once.
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So it's time for me to leave a review here :) I completed a full-time Recruitment course at Mate academy! My journey began with understanding what I wanted, and choosing a direction for myself, I read a lot about courses/schools (because I already had a negative experience, so I was as meticulous in this matter). Why did I choose Mate? - fundamental analysis of the market, friends' recommendations, the number of employed students, and this is about 1800+.
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I bought a flex course and it was probably the best investment I ever made. I studied for about 7-8 months, but at my own pace, while finishing university and minding my own business) Very cool mentors, very cool coordinators, and in general the entire community mate is very cool. Don't waste your time, I recommend it to everyone!
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Perhaps this is one of the best offerings on the market in this niche. All logical, consistent, and accessible presented. Good practical exercises and working projects. Is it worthwhile to go here? It is worthwhile. The course is worth the money. But you should be prepared for it.
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On the Mate website there are the words "20% theory, 80% practice. At first I thought it was just another catchphrase, like all the course sites. But in fact this is the basis of learning, which works here. That's why training here is so fast - because of the constant practice. And at the output you have no commercial experience, but with a lot of practice, which is visible in your code)
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After completing the first 3 technical interviews, I received 3 offers, and it was only in 5.5 months, so if you have the desire and eagerness, then here you will definitely get enough help to realize it in the offer!
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In some 3 months (it seems to be one of the fastest results) I have already found a job. The material is very easy to understand. By the way, I still use the course, I go back to refresh my memory. I would highly recommend it.
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Mate will teach you not only how to write websites, but also how to understand how technology works under the "hood", how to solve problems that arise) I am so glad I chose Mate and my dream came true. Thank you Mate, you are awesome!)
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Got questions?

What’s the tuition fee?

Full-time course remains free until you get a job in tech. Thereafter, you pay 12% of your net salary for 36 months total — per agreement.

How long does the course take?

The QA Course takes 3 months.

What's the difference between full-time and flex courses?

Both tracks have identical programs and aim: to get you a job. The only two differences lie in schedule and payment form. Full-time courses are free until you get a job in tech. Henceforth, you pay a percentage of your salary, per agreement. The schedule is from 9 am till 6 pm Monday through Friday. Flex courses, on the other hand, offer a fixed price and an instant access to all resources. You study at your own pace with the support of our experts, under the same employment guarantee.

What's the admission process?

Full-time course candidates go through a selection process to enroll. We ask you to: 1. Sign up, and pass a short test. 2. Attend an online interview: we'll discuss your motivation, and verify your English proficiency level (pre-intermediate minimum). 3. Sign the contract.

When does the next group kick off?

We select the best candidates every 10 days in selection batches. Batches usually fill up weeks ahead, so, to secure your spot, we recommend applying ASAP. Groups start every 2-3 months.

How busy is the course schedule, and what's the commitment level required?

(see Schedule) from 9 am to 6 pm on workdays. It consists of lectures, Q&A and self-study sessions, mock interviews, and a variety of other activities - all 100% online. Due to high intensity, it cannot be combined with studying or work.

Can I apply if I don't have a background in tech?

8/10 Mate students don't have any experience in tech. But if this doesn't reassure you: our courses cover even the most basic topics, and our team is always ready to provide support!

I haven't turned 18 yet. Can I apply?

You can enroll in a full-time course from the age of 16 (with parental consent). Due to its intensity, it will not be possible to combine a full-time course with work or study.

I'm over 50 years old. Should I apply?

We educate people of all ages, besides: it doesn't matter in tech. And if you worry studying might be too much of a challenge... there's no substance to it! If you stay engaged, you'll graduate the course and find a job in no time :)

What job will I get after the QA engineer course?

Our graduates usually go on to become QA manual testers and engineers.

How much will I pay if I don't get a job?

Per our employment guarantee: if you don't find a job, you won't pay a dime for your time at Mate.

How many graduates get employed?

80% of full-time Mate graduates go on to work in the tech industry. As for flex graduates: everyone who wanted to find a job, succeeded.

How do you help graduates land a job?

Our HR specialists assist you in the process. They help you prepare CVs, cover letters and profiles on professional social networks, find relevant vacancies and prepare for interviews.

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